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Online Editor for News Portal

  • Job typeJob type: Onsite
  • Job DurationFull Time
  • Project LevelFull Time

Project detail

Job brief

We’re searching for an Editor for a news portal with a solid understanding of what
makes an engaging approach to a story. You’ll be in charge of content planning,
coordination, review, and editing. In order to achieve quality and accuracy criteria, the
successful candidate will be able to select which ideas should be explored and which
should be abandoned. The goal is to create material that is authentic, genuine,
entertaining,educational, and engaging.

● Assign, review, edit, rewrite, and lay out all copy in a newspaper except
● Manage and generate news to ensure that material is presented accurately, in a
logical order, and on schedule.
● Manage the online department and lead online news coverage.
● Write stories or editorials that express valid thoughts on current events.
● Manage content sections and coordinate the online or print publishing cycle.
● Establish publication criteria as well as objectives and expectations.
● Suggest stories and headlines based on the preferences of the target audience.
● Assume responsibility for the website’s news sections, guaranteeing a high level
of consistency, strong “inclusive” content, plenty of images, and timely uploads.
● Ensure that the layout (artwork, design, and photography) is correct, and that the
text is free of errors.
● Proofread, edit, and improve any articles published.
● Take a quality control look at the rest of the website’s content to make sure it’s
written clearly and logically, with good links to related parts and eye-catching
● Examine the editorial page for staff or syndicated columnists’ content.
● Create fresh ideas and suggest methods to connect stories conceptually and
geographically, as well as provide in-depth coverage on subjects.
● Work with designers, photographers, advertising reps, authors, and artists,
among others, to collaborate and communicate.
● Adhere to the legislation and ethical rules governing the media.Ensure that
standard legal frameworks, such as copyright and defamation laws, are followed.
● Meet deadlines and stay within budget.
● Create original and one of a kind ideas to improve news coverage.
● Monitor and use multimedia, nonlinear and alternative storytelling strategies to
increase readership base.

● Evaluate all news for authenticity and check with sources to confirm accuracy of
published stories.
● Collaborate with reporters, editors, photojournalists and anchors to facilitate
efficient news coverage to strengthen the company’s position in the media
● Manage and edit daily news, special news stories and periodical items with help
of video editing tools to facilitate video telecast.
● Monitor all feeds from news bureaus and other agencies for editing and further
● Any other duties as reasonably required.
● Proven working experience as an Editor
● Strong writing/editing/proofreading skills and an excellent portfolio
● Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
● accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as a high level of attention
to detail and critical thinking
● multitasking skills and the ability to perform under pressure to meet strict
● Proficiency with Microsoft Office, InDesign, and basic Photoshop skills, as well as
other publishing tools, is a plus.
● determination, adaptability, and tenacity
● Problem-solving and time-management abilities are combined with creativity.

Degree in Journalism, Online editing or in related field

Languages required

Freelancer type required for this project